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Rachelle Wailes, Co-President

Favorite Sport:  Dance

Two Fun Facts:  1. My ever growing collection of sea glass

2.  Love to travel and see new places


Career Aspirations:  To continue merging engineering and

business with FLEXFIT!


Favorite Part About Our Business:  Getting to experience new things with new people in the real world.


Bucket List:  Swim with dolphins and someday travel the world.

Matthew Aronson, Co-President

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Two Fun Facts:  1. Plays competitive ping pong 

2.  Interested in History


Career Aspirations:  To pursue Excercise Science with FLEXFIT!


Favorite Part About Our Business:  The camaraderie with the group.  “We have history together.”


Bucket List:  Visit at least 20 different countries in my life and also go skydiving.

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