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FLEXFIT Share Bundle

FLEXFIT Share Bundle

SKU: 1002

2 FLEXFITs - one for you and one for a friend or one for home and another for the office. It's nice to have 2 just in case someone "borrows" yours.


FLEXFIT is a patented, clinically proven 3-in-1 self-care wellness product that performs self-myofascial release, trigger point therapy and static stretching. 


FLEXFIT comes ready to use in a convenient nylon drawstring bag printed with our tagline "Get Fit. Stay Fit. FLEXFIT" in power orange (black lettering).*  Also included are two printed guides. 

  • Getting Started Guide
  • FLEXFIT 5 Stretching Guide


*  Only one bag included with each FLEXFIT, shade of bag may differ slightly from photo.


FLEXFIT is a sleek, mobile and innovative product that you must have wherever you go.

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