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Chaim Schalk

FLEXFIT is awesome. I love it so far, its REALLY HELPING MY MOBILITY and FLEXIBILITY. It’s also really easy to carry around so taking it to the beach to stretch out/work out any issues before and after practice is key. Love that I can use it as a massage tool as well. I also like working on my hamstrings while laying on the couch.”

Kelley Hudson

FLEXFIT is letting me do things that I can’t do with just my hands because it HELPS ME KEEP MY BALANCE.”

Ryan Cormier

Property Manager and Fitness Enthusiast

FLEXFIT’s foam handle is great for ROLLING THE TENSION OUT of my quads.  I can’t get that area with my foam roller.  This product is great for the weekend warrior.”

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Dr. Dai Sugimoto

“Not many products are evidence-based.  They claim it will help you, but FLEXFIT is EVIDENCE-BASED.  They are kids and doing this.  When I was a teenager, I was just playing soccer.  I wanted to help the kids.  I had a good feeling.  They have great energy.”

Patrick Lyden

FLEXFIT gives me a RELAXED STRETCH.  There is much LESS TENSION in my upper body than when I use a strap or rope."

Tiffany Normandin

CrossFit Affiliate Manager and Coach, 3 Time CrossFit Regional Qualifier

“These kids are amazing.  I have gotten to see the evolution of FLEXFIT from the start.  They have adapted very well to the feedback they have received.”

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